Glocom is a cloud-based e-commerce solution that enable retailers and branded manufacturers to increase global sales across online channels.

In the early years, e-commerce was fairly simple.

But e-commerce grew. Quickly. It became more complex, more fragmented, more crowded and more competitive.

And now, more channels, more devices, more countries and more consumers are changing the landscape every day.


We know, because we’ve been a part of the evolution.

What we do?

Glocom helps retailers and branded manufacturers manage more listings, reach more consumers and sell more products than ever before.

We are a fast growing company in a young industry at the forefront of a global revolution — with many clients scaling up their business through our platform every month.

And the things that define Glocom brand — constant innovation, leading technology, proven results and experienced people — are still our guiding principles as we take retailers and brands into the future of e-commerce.

We’re here to connect your products to wherever you want them to go, but we’re also here to connect you and your products to whatever comes next.

That means being the first to integrate with new channels and new ways of shopping. It means connecting retailers and brands through shared data and insights. It means calming the chaos and helping you track, manage and grow your inventory and scale your business.


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    Your product data, channels, sales, inventory and orders.


    Your performance and compare it to the industry.

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